Katahdin Sheep

I confess. Prior to being introduced to the Katahdin and Dorper hair sheep breeds I was not a fan of lamb on the table. “This lamb is different…” I was told. I remained not just skeptical but in fact certain that I would not care for the taste of lamb from any breed… until I took that first bite…     Oh, yes. This lamb IS different!

Immediately I wanted to know why. Doesn’t all lamb taste the same? A sheep is a sheep, right? Not so fast…

I did my research and learned that the Katahdins and Dorpers are hair sheep. This means that they don’t grow a long wool coat for shearing. A very short coat grows in for the winter and sheds out naturally in the spring. They are never shorn and produce no useable wool. Because of the lack of a heavy wool coat the hair sheep has very little lanolin in its system. Lanolin is the oil that coats the wool of a sheep. It is also what gives the meat of wool sheep its characteristic taste.

Now, many people love the flavor of lamb from wool sheep breeds. Others of us do not. The meat of Katahdins and Dorpers is sweet and succulent with a mild flavor. I was amazed, you will be too.

Katahdins also make excellent farm companions. They are as personable and loving as goats without the climbing! They are also easier on trees than goats. In our experience they love the low hanging fruit and leaves of our fruit trees but have not damaged the bark.

If you would like more information on obtaining lamb meat or lambs to raise yourself. Contact me  by email: sue@kunepigs.com or phone: 541-952-4854.