Dominique Chickens

Many thanks to Fred Farthing. Our Dominiques were originally acquired from his award winning lines in Missouri.

 The Story of the Dominique Chicken

From the Dominique Club of America:

Dominiques are the oldest American breed of chicken. They were well known in the mid-1700’s and by the mid-1800’s were the most popular breed of chicken in the US. These were the chickens most likely to have been carried west by pioneers along the Oregon trail.

In those earlier days there were no fancy chicken houses or specially formulated feeds. Chickens had to fend for themselves. They roosted at night in trees or on a pole in the barn. By day they foraged for their own food around the farm in all kinds of weather.

What developed was a very hardy chicken with an excellent ability to feed itself. With little to no input from the farmer the Dominique reliably produced eggs, meat and chicks.

Eventually with the importation of heavier fancy breeds that produced more meat and eggs the Dominique fell out of favor. By the 1950’s the breed was thought by some to be extinct.

Thankfully, the story didn’t end there and due to the efforts of a few insightful breeders the sturdy Dominique has survived. Hardiness and self-reliance are traits we look for at Iron Goose Farm and so Dominiques (or Dominikers as they were once affectionately called) have found their place on our farm.


For more information visit the Dominique Club of America.