Kunekune: The small heritage pig for pasture and orchard

Kunekunes are a small rare heritage pig from New Zealand. They are smart, docile and extremely friendly. The short upturned snout of the Kunekune (pronounced cooney-cooney) makes them ideally suited to grazing. Kunes are able to fatten on grazing alone given access to good pasture. And best of all rooting is little to none.

Many thanks to the Upper Deschutes Permaculture Guild for featuring our farm in their May 2013 Newsletter. You can read the article here.

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It is thought that Kunekunes may originally have come from Asia however it was the Maori people of New Zealand who adopted them and developed them into their village pig. In fact their name in the Maori language means “fat and round”. They have a plump body, short legs and a multi-colored coat of hair.

Kunekunes are a versatile multi-purpose pig perfect for small grass-based farms, orchards and permaculture systems. They have little to no interest in rooting and will not harm trees. They are well suited to pasture and food forest. Grande Ronde Kunekunes spend the summer grazing and foraging on pasture and under fruit and nut trees.



Heading out to pasture in the morning. These easy going kune-crosses have personality and versatility!

In addition to our purebred Kunekunes, we are pleased to offer kune-cross piglets bred for all of the best traits of the Kunekune breed to produce a small affordable pig for farm companions and the table.

Kunekunes are comical and love attention. They will flop down at the drop of a hat for a good belly scratch.

Our pigs are perfect for integrating into permaculture systems and get along well with other animals.

For more information on the Kunekune breed please visit the American Kunekune Breeders Association website.